Insurance Solutions for Property Managers

  • 24/7 Secured Policy Document Access
  • Free Property/Association Websites
  • Budget Projections
  • Annual Account Reviews
  • Board Meeting Attendance
  • Annual Quote Program

Statewide Condominium Insurance has a long history of working with property management firms. We understand and appreciate that a large part of our success is due to property manager renewals and referrals. Without those relationships, we would not be one of the largest condominium insurance specialist agencies in Florida. We know the relationship between the agent and property manager goes beyond proposals, policies, and certificates of insurance. We want you to think of us as a partner that you can rely on for all of your insurance related responsibilities.

We are open to sharing and discussing with you your association’s schedule of insurance including the association’s building addresses, valuations, construction types, expiration dates, carriers, deductibles and all policies in force with Statewide. You will also have access to the association’s finance contract, showing payment history and number of remaining payments.   You or the board members will also be able to request a certificate of insurance as needed.

We realize this is just one part of the relationship. Accountability and communication between the agent, the property manager and board members are paramount. With our management system, all phone calls and correspondence are documented for accountability. All CSR’s are assigned specific accounts so you will be given a list of contact names and extensions specific to your association. Your contact names should include the CSR handling your account, our flood department, policy department, certificate department, claims department, front desk and your agents cell phone number for after hours questions or problems.