When it comes to disaster preparedness, can you ever be too prepared?  The effects of a disaster can be quite profound. Disaster preparedness is key, particularly when it comes to protecting your most valuable and irreplaceable assets.  To help educate you on the importance of disaster planning, we have provided you with the following links.  Those who prepare for the possibility of disaster are much more likely to recover from one than those who don’t.

GENERAL Making Sure Your Home Is Properly Covered for a Disaster   Making a Home Inventory
Preparing an Effective Evacuation Plan
Protecting Your Pet During a Disaster

FLOOD In Case of a Flood
Preparing for a Flood
Recovering from a Flood

HURRICANE Preparing for a Hurricane
Hurricane Awareness

TORNADO In case of a Tornado
Recovering from a Tornado

FIRE Frequently Asked Questions about Fires/Wildfires

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS LINKS http://www.floodsmart.gov/floodsmart/pages/index.jsp http://www.hurricanesafety.org/home2.cfm http://www.flash.org/ http://www.disastersafety.org/ http://www.redcross.org/ http://www.noaa.gov/