Insurance Solutions for your Office, Retail and Wholesale needs

We are Property Specialists.  Our programs can help save premium and provide excellent coverage for your Commerical Property.  Whether Office, Retail or Wholesale, Statewide Commercial Insurance can offer you the broadest coverage from highly reputable companies.

Commercial Office Insurance

Business owners of commercial office space have unique property and liability coverage needs.

At Statewide Commerical Insurance, we  offer solutions that provide all-risk property coverage, business interruption coverage, boiler and machinery coverage, flood and cargo insurance.    Call us today to discuss how we might be able to provide you the coverage you need.

Retail Space Insurance

Whether you run a business or lease the building, you have complex insurance requirements.  We can help.  Our top rated companies offer coverages second to none.  As business owners you need to protect your property and inventory against general liability issues, such as theft, fires or floods.  In addition, if you have any type of foot traffic, you will need to be well covered against bodily injury and related liability.

Wholesale Space Insurance

If you are a building owner that rents to one tenant or multiple tenants, your needs are protected by Statewide Commercial Insurance. Our programs offer the most comprehensive coverages making sure that you are always in compliance with any lender requirements.

Hotels and Hospitality Insurance

Insurance is one of the fastest-growing expenses for hotel owners and managers. At the same time, appropriate Property coverage is becoming increasingly more important. Statewide Commercial Insurance Inc can help you find the right coverage at the right cost.

Insurance solutions for the Hospitality industry provide owners and managers of hotels, motels, spas and resorts with the coverage necessary to protect you from the unique needs of the industry.